Whether you are in the negotiation process or in the courtroom, you need capable and assertive attorneys who have the required experience and skill to advocate for your interests. Jacobsen Orr’s attorneys work with you to examine your case, accumulate essential information and formulate a sound legal strategy so that we can promote your interests and objectives throughout all phases of the litigation process.  

For multiple facets of the litigation process — including investigation, discovery disputes, mediation, settlement, trial and appeal — Know Jacobsen Orr.


Your Leaders in Litigation

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Jeffrey H. Jacobsen

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Daniel L. Lindstrom

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Bradley D. Holbrook

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Nicole M. Mailahn


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Justin R. Herrmann

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Nicholas R. Norton

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Elizabeth J. Klingelhoefer

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Nicholas J. Ridgeway


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Nicole J. Luhm

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Lucas J. Elsbernd

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Coy T. Clark